How to Run System Restore Windows 10

How to Run System Restore Windows 10 in Fastest Way

How to Run System Restore Windows 10This post will reveal how to run system restore Windows 10. We think it is important to show you this guide since Microsoft as the developer of this newest operating system disables the System Restore. But, it does not mean we cannot re-enable or run this feature in our Windows 10. For your information, System Restore is one of popular features of Windows which exists since Windows ME. This feature allows the users to create snapshots of the system files. Therefore, we can restore our operating system when virus or problem has occurred. However, Windows 10 disables this feature. Many people do not know how to run it.

Why is System Restore disabled by Microsoft?

Before we go to discuss how to run system restore Windows 10, it would be better if we know the reasons why System Restore feature has been disabled for this newest OS. There is no official explanation from Microsoft about this issue. However, we can explain it based on our experiences.  For your information, system restore requires quite large disk space when the users create the restore point in previous versions of Windows such as 7 and 8. Perhaps, it was noticed by Microsoft and they want to reduce the requirement by disabling system restore. They give PC reset feature as the replacement of system restore for Windows 10.

How to Run System Restore Windows 10 with Simple Steps?

Now, let us go back to business of how to run system restore Windows 10. What you have to prepare is just your devices or PC and go directly to Control Panel. Windows’ users may be familiar with Control Panel. We do not recommend you to use this feature if you have minimum system requirement because System Restore need much disk space. In other words, you will automatically create snapshots since it is disabled by default. For your information, this feature is only available in Control Panel. But, we can cut the steps in very short time. We will reveal it on the next paragraph.

Fastest Way

The fastest way to run or enable system restore besides Control panel is by using the Start Menu program. Once you click on the Start Menu, directly type ‘Restore’ word in the search box. Then, it will appear some other options. One of them is ‘Create a restore point’ shortcut. Just simply click on that shortcut and it navigates you to the Control panel box. Now, it is your turn to enable it by click the ‘System Protection’ bar. That is the last steps of how to run system restore windows 10.


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