How to setting up apps corner windows 10 mobile

We will show you how to set up Apps Corner in Windows 10 Mobile. Apps corner was previously available in Windows 8.1. After you upgrade to Windows 10, you can still use the Apps Corner.

Mobile phone is the most private devices. You can reveal the biggest secret of someone in their phone, so some people find it uncomfortable to lend their phone. On android or iOS device, the using of specific applications can be restricted by the lock apps, to open a particular application you must use a password. But what if the person who borrows your phone asking for the password and you are too kind to not giving it and ended up on that person messing up with your phone. By using Apps Corner in Windows 10 Mobile, you can share your Windows Phone with your friends without worrying about your privacy. Other people who use your phone with Apps Corner will only be able to use the application that you are allowed to use. Yes, you can set up what apps you want to share.

How to setting up Apps Corner Windows 10 Mobile

To setting up Apps Corner, open your Windows Phone, and go to Settings –> Accounts –> Apps Corner

Share apps with Apps Corner on Windows 10 Mobile

Tap on advanced and you can see some options you want to enable it or not, like Camera button, disable Cortana or search button, start button, back button, and Modify Tiles.

How to setting up Apps Corner Windows 10 Mobile

Back to Apps Corner, tap on Apps to select the apps you want to share:

how to hide apps on windows phone windows 10 mobile

When you done selecting the apps,  pin apps corner to Start, then tap back button. Above is the interface when using apps corner. To go back to normal mode when you are in full control of your phone, simply press and hold the Power button, and then swipe over to close Apps Corner.

People who borrow your phone and use Apps Corner can do this and use your phone in normal mode with full access. To Prevent it, protect your Windows Phone with a password, so when go back to normal mode, the phone will be locked with a password and only you know it.

If you are still experiencing difficulties in setting up Apps Corner Windows 10 Mobile, please let us know.



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