How To Use Notepad++ As Hex Editor Plugin

Today I’m going to show you how to use notepad hex editor so are all ready, let’s get started so in order to turn your notepad plus plus in a tone hex editor it’s really easy.

Step to Use Notepad ++ as a hex editor plugin in Notepad

  • So I will open my notepad plus plus as you see here and we have to install a plugin called hex editor.
  • I go to the plugins menu plugins manager then show plugin manager and from the list of available plugins I will search for hex editor as you can see here. How To Use Notepad Hex Editor
  • So I’ll check this box here and I will install it, so of course I have to restart my notepad plus plus I will just hit yes okay.
  • Now my plug-in is installed so you will see that there is another submenu called hex editor and from here you can view your files as a hex.How To Use Notepad Hex Editor
  • Let’s open an exact file for example this crack me that egg so you will see its view, so let’s change this view to hexadecimal view.

So I’ll go to plugins then next editor then view in hex so now you can see the three main sections of hex editor. Here on the left there is their address area and in the middle the hex area and of course a direct you see the ASCII area,
so the first part of hex file is actually a file signature to the file signature for this file is M said P, so it’s inevitable or Windows application.

And of course you can edit this hexadecimal file if you want so if you click for example here you can change value. You can turn it you can make whatever you want depending on the change that you want to make, so you can edit your hex file ok.

You can even compare the two hex or two hex file to a binary file, so to do that I would open another file actually, so I’ll open another version of cracks me for example.

I will right-click on it and I’ll choose to move to other views okay then I will turn it to hex view so I’ll go to plug in X editor view in hex okay. So now we have our two hex files side-by-side, so in order to compare them it’s really easy, you go to the same menu accreditor then now you have the option to compare X and you can see in red the differences between our two hex files okay.How To Use Notepad Hex Editor Course there is an option here options that you can change the layout of our hex files you can even change the colors for example. If you want to change the car to something else maybe make the regular text white for example and the background with another color I’ll choose this one without them all hit yes.

How To Use Notepad++ As Hex Editor PluginThis plugin is very useful if you want to make the basic thing to hex edited, so that was just a brief introduction to how to use this Hex editor plugin for notepad plus plus. I hope this is useful for you and I want to thank you for seeing goodbye.


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