How to Making and Using Macros in Notepad++ Tutorial

Today I want to show you a little trick on how to use macros in notepad ++ tutorial that you can do with notepad plus plus and it uses macros to save as a text input recurring function. That you can call to basically paste back in that same text into your file at a future date anytime you want just by hitting a key combination on your computer.

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You have to go to macro and start recording I already hit that on accident. So we’re going to stop recording and then start recording again and now from this point whatever I put into the document is actually going to be recorded as a macro at least temporarily.

How to Using Macros in NotepadLet’s go ahead and create a signature because that’s a typical thing you would do with macros. Although you could also use it in coding since notepad plus plus is typically used as more along those kinds of thing scripting coding that sort of thing to maybe setting up a dummy function basically does a lot of repetitive work. You need to type in all the time anyway and make it a macro so that you can type all that just by hitting two keys on your keyboard.

So now we’ll go ahead and go up to file stop recording now you don’t have to select all the text like I just did right there and now it’s going to be saved and playback the same thing we just typed that’s going to be playback. So bam bam bam bam bam bam bam you can see it makes it really really easy to be put in that text in the same way that copy and paste does but we can permanently store it.

How to Using Macros in NotepadSo what we need to do now is go back up to macro “safe current recorded” macro give it a name. How I thought now on one thing you do need to keep in mind when you’re assigning a key combination to here it doesn’t really do a good job of telling you um what keys already bound. If you do save this macro and it doesn’t work it might be conflicting with another key binding um as ctrl Q might already be used for something I might imagine that’s like quitting the program right.

We’re just going to try to give it something that is very unusual but you can remember so like shift alt and then let’s say the I key is seriously that conflicts with anything now we go back up to the macro menu. You don’t have to remember them because they’ll all be right here and you can Alt shift I of course if you make one.

How to Using Macros in Notepad

You don’t want it you can hit modify macros delete some of these and that’s all good that said we’re going to close this back out and now we can use it again ctrl alt or shift alt I and then Bam Bam now this would be pretty useful. As I mentioned with programming functions repeating a function input setting things up for you there’s a lot of different things you can do with macros.

How to Using Macros in NotepadDepending on what program you’re using that actually supports macros, you can also have it do something like boot up another program and basically all of these little menu options like oh okay post-it f12 that’s effectively what a macro can be depending on the program. But as far as I know basically this is protected and how to open tabs notepad plus plus but it’s still useful so if you have any questions let me know in the comment section down below.


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