How To Preview HTML in Notepad++

Here could be a terribly helpful plugin of Notepad++, named Preview hypertext mark-up language, to look at the output of preview HTML in Notepad++. the most effective half is that you just don’t need to save the file once more and once more when changes. Save your file as hypertext mark-up language just one occasion and preview the output with new changes while not saving the file.

Manually, you initially got to add hypertext mark-up language in Notepad++, reserve it as HTML file, then use an online browser to look at the output. It’s a long method and not sensible after you need to create changes in your HTML file again and again. to assist you to get eliminate this example, this plugin is astounding. This allows you to see the output in a very floating window between Notepad ++. You’ll conjointly attach the floating window with Notepad++. It mechanically detects changes and shows them within the preview

How To Preview HTML in Notepad++

Above screenshot shows a floating window with HTML output.

Install This Plugin To Preview hypertext mark-up language in a very Floating Window:

There are 2 ways in which to put in this plugin, like all alternative Notepad++ plugins. These are:

Install The Plugin Manually:

Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open the HTML Preview plugin homepage and transfer the zip file.

Step 2: Extract the nada file and replica Preview HTML.dll file. Paste that goes to the Plugin folder accessed in the Notepad ++ installation directory.

How To Preview HTML in Notepad++ Step 3: Launch Notepad++ and access Plugins menu. thereunder menu, you may realize Preview HTML.

How To Preview HTML in Notepad++

Install The Plugin victimization Notepad++ Plugin Manager:

If you discover on top of methodology long, then use Plugin Manager of Notepad++ to put in this plugin. Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Notepad ++ → select Plugins Menu → select Plugin Manager → Show Plugin Manager. it will open the Plugin Manager window.

How To Preview HTML in Notepad++ Step 2: Inaccessible tab, the list of Notepad++ plugins can visible. realize “Preview HTML” plugin.

How To Preview HTML in Notepad++ Step 3: choose Preview HTML and click on the Install button.

Step 4: Restart your Notepad ++ and access the Plugins menu. You might be aware of the HTML Preview Plugin.

After putting in the plugin, add HTML and reserve it once. currently, you’ll click Preview hypertext mark-up language possibility or use Hotkey “Ctrl+Shift+H” and floating window can receptively preview the output.

HTML in Notepad++

You can make changes to HTML and preview the output while not saving the file.


Preview HTML in Notepad++ plugin will certainly save loads of your time of yours, that otherwise is wasted to save lots of the file once more and once more and open the hypertext mark-up language go into a browser to ascertain the output.


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