Import Photos and Videos from My Phone to My PC Windows 10/8

How do I import photos and videos from my phone to my PC windows 10? When the capacity of Android storage space owned by each person is different. Sometimes, you need to synchronize your Android phone to your PC or laptop to make it easier for you to use the app or simply want to move data. However, if you are using an Android device, you can easily connect your Android device to a Windows 10 computer without having to physically install the data cable to move your data. Here’s an easy way to move your data from Android to Windows 10 without using a data cable.

How to Transfer Android Files to Windows 10 Without Wires?

  1. Cortana
    Cortana is a smart personal digital assistant for Windows 10 that uses voice commands to perform basic tasks like getting information, storing things and more. Windows 10 comes with Cortana by default and can connect with Android. Cortana has a Notebook feature where personal information such as reminders, location data, contacts and interests are stored. This feature makes syncing between your phone and PC easy.
  2. File Explorer
    If you want to transfer files (photos, documents, videos, songs and more) between Android and Windows 10, synchronize your mobile device and Windows 10. This File Explorer will help you easily store. But to do this you will need a USB cable. First, you should look for a micro-USB cable or a Type C USB cable and set it up. Once installed, open File Explorer on your computer. Keep in mind that you may have to change the USB connection on your phone to allow Windows to access it. To do that, you just need to search for “MTP” or “Computer Transfer” on the phone.
  3. DropBox
    Windows 10 itself comes with a handy DropBox app that allows you to save, access, view, and move files in the storage space. The Windows 10 version of the app also has an auto upload camera which can be very useful on the front of the phone. This is the best way on How do I import photos and videos from my phone to my PC windows 10? Because anything you add to DropBox will automatically appear on all your computers as well as your phone, including Windows 10 and your Android device. This allows accessibility anywhere and anytime.
  4. Google Drives
    Over the past few years, Microsoft has integrated several of their applications and services with Android. You can find apps and services like Office, OneNote and Onedrive in the Android system. Cortana has also been available on Android. In Windows 10, there is an integration of Google Drive functionality that allows syncing once you download and add Google Drive into your file structure.
  5. Onedrive
    For those of you who do not know, Onedrive is a cloud storage service that is also owned by Microsoft. Onedrive works like Dropbox and Google Drive and also allows accessibility anywhere and anytime. Onedrive offers users free storage space of about 15GB and it will solve your problem on How do I import photos and videos from my phone to my PC windows 10?


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