How to indent XML / HTML / Tags Plugin in Notepad++

In this article, we will learn how to indent HTML tags in notepad plus plus likes. So first go to notepad plus plus and then check the plugin. So your plug-in manager is installed if your plug-in manager is not installed then first install your plug-in manager. Go to the plug-in manager and so plug-in manager so in plug-in manager all the plug-in list is here from there you have to click XML tool. So click on that XML tool click to install an update is available so we want to update it ok I am clicking yes.

indent HTML tags in notepadUpdate GitHub it is downloading from GitHub. so the plug-in manager is updated from GitHub and 1.4 version is updated, so click yes and click yes so it will restart your notepad after restarting.

indent HTML tags in notepadClick plugins and click XML tools and here it is pretty clean tech Tintin. So you can click from here or you can press CTRL shift alt B so to option is there one is from the keyboard and one is from mouse clicking so only that’s it thank you.


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