How to Insert Images WebPage in Notepad using HTML

Hello everybody welcomes back to the tech program so as I have told you that we’ll be learning today how to Insert images webpage in notepad using HTML to our web page.

Take a look at this way Insert image in Notepad HTML.

First of all, we have to we have to take some images that we are going to add. so let’s go to the roof food is good, so it is my root folder okay new folder in which I have saved my web page what is HTML document it’s called first.

So here I have created a new folder which has named as images and in that folder, I have saved some pictures okay now. You can see that but now when we try to run this okay, let’s launch in this from Firefox.Insert Images WebPage in Notepad using HTMLHere the icon so while what happened the reason behind is the root folder is changed first it was on only e and new folder. But now it is any images so we have to give it the image folder apart okay images is the sub folder in which the Twitter is there to knock let’s run it so let’s try to learn the code launching Firefox.

We can compare this to pages in the first page there is Michael and in the second page we have our item, so the same rules we have to apply to add images but the code will come in different. So first thing that you should know that the icon pattern the portion of the head but the image that we want to create in our webpage it is the portion of our body so the next coding we are going to do it’s in the body pipe so it’s good in the body part okay.Insert Images WebPage in Notepad using HTMLSo in the body parts we are going to write our next code, so let’s start our coding so first thing what’s going to write is I am G ing time or image through your writing image because we are going to add image. Now as our screen attached is the link code it is moved to make electron web page now in HRC we will add the location of our image in double quote. Let’s find out location so go to the image which is the message I want to create it is my image now right click go to properties okay, here the name is new to cop it I remember it tight-fitted jpg okay.

How to Insert Images WebPage in Notepad using HTMLRight here I am a genius in the trip Me. root folder and now name and it I which is creepy too and it’s not enough to get the image we have to define it wait to add the width okay to let with as okay width is equal to in double quotes. We will write right through it suppose hundred and we think we’re adding voice you should have added height her height and that’s the height I am l – well you can take different it step on you I am taking Madrid London now close the angle bracket we’re close angle bracket and never forget to save your file because it will not give you the correct containing what you are doing right now. So I saved it I am going to run it so the step which we need is run launch in Firefox okay let’s see what happens now you can see I have my image. You can adjust its width and height let’s give it one zero eight zero which is the standard width and height as suppose 500 okay now save it and you can refresh it here from only so unprofessional. okay, so this is all about adding all image to your file.


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