How To Help Insert String To Every Line in Notepad++

Welcome to another notepad plus plus tutorial. So today I will show you how to add a string insert to each line of Notepad from a text file. so do you let us begin.

Notepad ++ How To Incorporate A String Or A Number For Each Line?

Let’s say for example you have a text file so I’ll be using this Lestat txt as an example. So I will open it using notepad plus plus here we go, so we have a couple of lines. so let’s say that for example, we want to add the strain at the beginning to every line here.

So I’ll go to my first line and in my keyboard, I will hit ‘shift’ and ‘Alt key’ and with the down key, I’ll move down to my text file. So I’ll move down move down to the last line then I will go to the Edit menu here and our select column editor as you can see here okay.

Insert String To Every Line in Notepad++Now here I have the option to insert the text, so for example, I can insert that keyword hello we can add space after it and I’ll hit okay.Insert String To Every Line in NotepadSo now as you can see I added the string key to every line I can do the same thing but this time adding numbers okay.

I will go to my first line hit the shift alt key and with the down key I will move down then edit menu then column editor okay

So this time instead of using the inserted text I will choose to insert a number so this is my initial number, so I can start for example with 100 I can increase by whatever number I want. So I’ll just increased by 1 and here I’ll choose the format, so I can add it in decimal format or hexadecimal format so all through the regular one which is this a decimal format okay and I can hit OK.Insert String To Every Line in NotepadAs you can see a couple of numbers has been added starting from 100 and increased by 1 every time okay.

Actually just using this column editor here that you can access also using shortcut alt see you can insert whatever you want at the beginning of every line you can enter text or numbers begin with whatever number you want, so it was only a brief introduction of how to enter text using notepad plus plus especially with the editor of the column as usual. I hope this information is useful for you and I want to say thank you


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