How to Installing and Configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

Notepad ++ is a free software system that enables a simple written material from the configuration file for your server. The NppFTP Plugin adds practicality to browse, download, written material and upload a text file on your server. This guide can make a case for the installation and usage of the plugin to enhance your server management expertise.

Installing Notepad++

you must Download Notepad ++ from the official website and follow the installation method. Install the NppFTP plugin

  • You must download the NppFTP plugin from the Sourceforge website: Plugin transfer
  • Extract the .zip that you just have downloaded.
  • Open Notepad++.(Some users might have to run the program as an Associate in Nursing Administrator for the subsequent steps to figure properly).
  • within the toolbar at the highest of Notepad++ choose Settings>Import>Import Plugin(s)….

Installing and configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

  • Navigate to the transfer location and notice the bin folder within the extracted transfer.
  • Select NppFTP.dll and click on Open.
  • In Notepad ++ toolbar click Plugins and certification NppFTP are in the list.

Installing and configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

If you are doing not see it then shut Notepad++ and re-open it with administrator permissions before repetition the method.

Configuring the NppFTP plugin

  • From the menu: Plugins>NppFTP>Show NppFTP Window.

Installing NppFTP for Notepad++


  • In the NppFTP panel, click the gear icon and choose Profile Settings.

Installing and configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

  • Click the Add New button.
  • Enter a reputation for the profile and click on OK.

Installing and configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

  • within the Profiles list, highlight the name of the profile you entered.
  • within the affiliation, tab enters the Host, Username, and watchword for your FTP affiliation. (you’ll notice those details in your Multicraft instrument panel by following Files>FTP Access).
  • Click ‘Close’.

Using NppFTP

  1. Click the blue Connect icon and opt for the name of the profile you created.
  2. NppFTP can plan to hook up with the FTP server and come a directory listing within the right-hand window.
  3. Double-click a file to transfer and open it within the editor.
  4. After you save the file, mechanical NppFTP can transfer to the server.

Configuring Notepad++ Tab settings for YAML files

By default pressing the tab during a YAML file can insert a tab character.

However, YAML uses a double area instead of a tab and this may cause problems once your server tries to scan the files.

Follow these steps to form positive that the files are scan properly by your server.

  • within the Notepad++ toolbar choose Settings>Preferences.

Installing and configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

  • In the list on the left highlight Language.
  • Scroll down the list on the proper underneath the Tab Settings heading and choose yaml.
  • Un-check the employment default price box.
  • Check the Replace by area box.
  • Click on the amount next to Tab size.
  • In the box that seems, amendment the amount to 2 and press enter.

Installing and configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

  • Click the shutter button.

Checking for errors in YAML

Sticky piston offers Associate in a Nursing integrated reader for YAML and JSON files. To use it follow these steps.

  • within the main Multicraft server window (Where the informatics, Players and Memory Usage are displayed) click on Files within the left-hand menu.
  • Click on Config Files.

Installing and configuring NppFTP for Notepad++

  • Use Name, File or Description boxes to go looking for your config file and click on on that to open.
  • Beneath the text editor that opens, there’s a Save button.
  • Errors can show below this button with a brief description of what’s not operating and it’s line range within the file.


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