internet explorer for windows 10 download

Actually you do not need to download Internet Explorer for Windows 10, it’s already there. You just need to call it. But we will provide the link download for you in case you need it. Learn how to use Internet Explorer for Windows 10 and how to fix Internet Explorer if not working for Windows 10.

Internet Explorer has become the default web browser for every Windows version. Internet Explorer is a preload application that comes with Windows’s installation, you can not even remove or uninstall Internet Explorer. Although Windows users can use other web browsers, IE remain in their system forever.

Windows 10 brought many new things, one of them is Microsoft Edge that is present as a modern web browser replacement for Internet Explorer in Windows 10. But although Microsoft Edge is the default web browser for Windows 10, you can still use Internet Explorer for the sake of the glorious old days.

Internet Explorer for Windows 10 download

Internet Explorer is available free to download from Microsoft’s official website. You can choose which version suitable for your Computer, there are Internet Explorer 11 (32-Bit) and Internet Explorer 11 (64-Bit). According to the System Requirements, it supported Windows 7 Service Pack 1, so it should be also supported for Windows 10. But still, we advise you to use Microsoft Edge because it is more stable, fast, light, and has a clean modern design.

As we mentioned earlier, Internet Explorer 11 is still embedded in Windows 10 so you really do not need to download or install it again. Only that Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is too deep to reach. Here is how to use Internet Explorer on Windows 10: Go to the start menu and type “Internet Explorer” in the search box or you can ask to Cortana for it.

How to download and use internet explorer for windows 10

You will see the Internet Explorer icon as Desktop app, we need to stick it to the start menu or the taskbar so it will be easier to access. Right click on “Internet Explorer” in the search result, and click “Pin to Start.” then right click again to choose “Pin to taskbar.”

Now you can find Internet Explorer icon on your Windows 10 start menu and taskbar.

Internet Explorer is no longer the default browser for Windows 10, so there is a possibility of Internet Explorer not working, crashes, freezes, or hangs in Windows 10, then what we have to do if this happen? Follow this steps:

Install the latest updates
Run the Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter
Turn off hardware acceleration
Turn off add-ons
Reset Internet Explorer settings

Or you know what, forget Internet Explorer, just use Microsoft Edge for Bill Gate’s sake, it is way better than those primitive IE.

Anyway if you are still having problems with Internet Explorer in Windows 10, please let us know about it.


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