New Features in Notepad in Windows 10 v1809

Microsoft has updated the previous great new features in notepad in Windows 10 v1809 standard Windows notepad may very basic text editor that you will use for easy document. Allow us to take a glance at the new options in notepad.

Notepad new options

Shortcut to delete the antecedently written word

Firstly, you’ll use an easy road Ctrl+Backspace to delete a previous word you typed/entered.

Status bar in New Notepad

New Features in Notepad in Windows 10 v1809

It is visible at an all-time low of the Notepad screen and displays the ending line of the computer file in use. aboard it, you’ll realize data associated with column and line variety with word-wrapping and current zoom level, if enabled. The standing Bar itself is enabled by default.

Wrap-Around in New Notepad

New Features in Notepad in Windows 10 v1809


Earlier, the pad of paper had sure limitations. for example, you may solely search or replace text employing a single word. However, currently, you’ll realize a replacement ‘wraparound’ possibility visible below ‘Find’ tool to look a fraction of a text. Also, the notepad can save antecedently written values and check boxes and mechanically apply them to your income Open the ‘find’ panel.

Text zooming in Notepad

New Features in Notepad in Windows 10 v1809

Microsoft has additional additional options for quickly displaying text in Notepad. So, after you commit to amendment the text layout, you’ll notice the zoom proportion on its standing bar. you’ll alter this till you get the popular zoom level.

Also, you’ll amendment Text Zoom Level by merely heading to ‘View’ possibility, choose ‘Zoom’ and select any of the subsequent choices,

  1. pore (Control + Plus)
  2. Zoom Out (Control + Minus)
  3. Restore Default Zoom (Control + 0).

Search with Bing in notepad

New Features in Notepad in Windows 10 v1809

The new pad of paper allows Windows 10 users to quickly realize which means or writing system of a word inside the app. There’s no ought to manually open an internet browser for this. It seems like a deliberate move by Microsoft to push folks to use Bing. Still, it’s advantages because it is well accessible.

Manually, you’ll choose the text and use the Ctrl+E keyboard road to quickly get a Bing answer victimization Microsoft Edge. Sadly, there’s no possibility out there to vary the default program.

Added Support for the UNIX-style finish Of Line (EOL) Characters

This new capability can modify the application to view, edit, and print the file correctly. So, you may copy a file created on the UNIX system or waterproof and paste it in the pad of paper. When the end of the row format file is maintained as initially on waterproof or UNIX system and unmodified. Previously, this did not happen because the notepad appears without line breaks.


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