New Line Character in Notepad Windows

How to Replace “\n” with a newline characters, using Notepad++. In case you have a file that contains a new “escape” line (\ n), like this:

and you want to replace the sequence of new lines escaped with the actual newline character, you can easily complete this task using Notepad ++.new line character in Notepad First load your file (or just copy paste the text) in Notepad++.

new line character in Notepad Then select Search → Change from the menu or press Ctrl-H. Change dialog will appear. Inside it ensures that you fill in the following values; Look for what: \\ n (yes, two back-slashes), Change with: \ n (yes, only one back-slash), and most importantly, make sure you select Extended (\ n, \ r, \ t, \ 0, \ x, …) radio button. Your Replace dialog must look like this:

New Line Character in Notepad


Click the Replace All button, and all of the new row sequences will be replaced with newline characters:

new line character in Notepad


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