Notepad++ Hidden Secret Easter Egg “Space Invaders”

Notepad++ take a look at editor and ASCII text file editor out there for Windows, has received AN update. The new Notepad++ 7.5.6 version, except fixing 2 crashes and rising operate list and ghost typewriting, comes with AN Easter egg enclosed.

Notepad++ Hidden Secret Easter Egg "Space Invaders"

Find area Invaders Easter Egg in Notepad++

  1. Launch the newest version of Notepad++
  2. Open a brand new file and sort “space invaders” (without quotes), choose it and press F1



  1. Fix macro taking part in back crash issue on new accessorial “find previous” and “find next” buttons.
  2. operate List enhancement: Highlight this operate supported indicator position.
  3. Fix crash on artisan dialog of User outlined Language dialog.
  4. Fix file standing detection issue beneath Windows XP
  5. Ghost typewriting enhancement: Unicode, syntax lightness and speed support.
  6. (check the uniform resource locator for the usage of ghost typewriting on the command line: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/features/ghost-typing.html )
  7. Add a message from space.


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