How to format JSON plugin in Notepad++

Today I will show you how to format JSON files in notepad plus plus so you are ready.

Let’s start the steps for Formatting JSON in Notepad!

First of all, let me open notepad plus plus, and I will take here is just an example of a JSON file. So as you can see it’s not to really format it, so if you want to format this JSON file in order to really read all its objects. It’s really easy all you have to do is please to install a plug-in called JavaScript tool this will go to your money or plugins then plug-in manager then show plug-in manager okay.

notepad++ json format pluginAnd in the list of available plugins you will search for a plug-in called GS tool as you can see here so it’s a JavaScript plug it for not bad blood class to install it, so it will be downloaded and of course not bad plus plus we need to be restarted so our just yes yes again okay.

I have my file here my JSON file that is not formatted so in order to format it’s really easy now in your plugins menu you have GCSE tool manual and just here there is shortcut “Ctrl Alt + M”. You can just click on this money here GS format and here we go no Jason 5 is now formatted and it can be easily read you can also show a preview, so I’ll cut or just to me then here chastened newer and here you see the route all object and the values related to each object in your JSON file ok.

notepad++ json format plugin

So you can also turn back to what we call Chisolm many file format or minimize format show our cottage cheese new truth then GS men and now we have all in one same line, so I can also collapse it so it can be easily read s21 Chisolm format. So that was just a very useful plugin that you can use in your web development that can help you to really easy grab and read your Jason to farm as always I hope it has been informative for you and I want to thank you for viewing.

notepad++ json format plugin


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