Notepad Tips and Tricks for Windows users

The humble notepad in Windows is one in every of the foremost used programs. it’s a really basic text editor you’ll be able to use for easy documents. allow us to have a glance at some notepad tips and tricks for windows users which will assist you to get the simplest out of it.

Notepad Tips and Tricks for Windows


Notepad Tips and Tricks for WindowsMost people don’t even trouble to check what it’s to supply, preferring instead to use it in its default state. Here are a couple of terribly basic tips to assist you to get the utmost out of it!

1) to feature a date Associate in Nursing timestamp to open notepad, merely hit F5.

You will see it displayed as 23:37 10-05-2010

2) At the primary line of a notepad file, type: LOG

This will place a timestamp at the top of the file, on every occasion you open it.

3) to vary the font employed in notepad, click Format > Font and choose the font and magnificence you prefer!

4) To customize the Page setup, size margins, click on File > Page Setup to check the choices.

5) The standing Bar seems at very cheap of the tablet and provides data just like the range of Lines and therefore the range of columns, the text is occupying.

6) you’ll be able to take away or amendment notepad headers and footers. If you open notepad > File > Page Setup, you may see that the default header and footer settings are:

  • Headers: &f
  • Footers: Page &p

These commands can show the title of the document on the highest at very cheap.

To change headers and footers, you’ll be able to use the subsequent commands within the Header & Footer fields given within the Page Setup box:

  • &l Left-align the characters that follow
  • &c Center the characters that follow
  • &r Right-align the characters that follow
  • &d Print the present date
  • &t Print the present time
  • &f Print the name of the document
  • &p Print the paging

If you permit the Header or Footer text box empty, no header or footer can print. you’ll be able to additionally insert words into the Header and Footer text box and that they can print in their acceptable position. All header and footer set should be entered manually when you wish to print a document. These settings can’t be saved.

7) to form the text-align to the proper facet, right click within the tablet and choose Right to left reading order.

Notepad Tips and Tricks for Windows

8) If your tablet isn’t operating properly, this is often however you’ll be able to reset notepad to default settings.


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