Windows Product Key – Preview for Windows 10

What are the more annoying costs of building a new PC or even just installing a Windows partition on your Mac is purchasing a product key for Windows 10 yes. You can of course still download and install Windows 10 0n any computer for free and use it normally. It just won’t be activated which is a little annoying and put some limitations on your PC that you might notice later on. if you want a fully activated version of Windows 10 with a product key and everything there are a bunch of different ways this can be done. Microsoft for example offers product keys on their website, but they’re pretty expensive and this can really cut into the cost of building a new PC you could instead get a better SSD or more ram or some decent peripherals at that price.

How to get preview product key for Windows 10

Windows Product Key - Preview for Windows 10Instead what I would recommend is looking into a third-party site that might offer you a better deal and one site in particular I’d recommend is gvg mall they reached out and asked if they could sponsorĀ  and also wanted me to check out how quick and easy it is to get a genuine Windows 10 product key from them and more importantly gvg mall sells their product keys for a fraction of the cost which is awesome. So instead of paying over $100 to activate Windows 10 you can do it here with gvg mall for under 20 bucks gvg mall actually offers a wide variety of product keys for a ton of different products. So you’ll probably end up fining even more stuff than just a Windows key for your computer they have software keys like for Microsoft Office for example there’s also game keys for all the latest titles as well as in-game coins currency and item deals there’s prepaid cards and gift cards and they even offer keys for stuff on Steam origin PSN Xbox and really anything else you can think of there’s a little something for everyone and the deals and discounts are actually pretty solid. While all that stuff is great I’m gonna walk you through the buying process here.

Specifically for a Windows 10 key since that’s probably why you’re on this video in the first place and then I’ll show you how it works and how to use it to activate your copy of Windows on your PC. From the product page here which I’ll also link down below in the video description you can see that this is the Microsoft Windows 10 home om CD key, but just double check and make sure that Windows 10 home is what you need and that that’s the version that’s installed on your PC right now. Not something like Windows Home 10 Pro which would be a completely different product you can see that right now and gvg mall has this available for under 14 bucks which is a great deal, but if you want to get a bit of a discount. You can also use the code TDY 20 for 20% off and that’ll bring the price down even more which is awesome. Product Key for Windows 10So you can go ahead and go through the payment process here they accept a whole bunch of different ones and I just use PayPal to keep things simple after your purchase has gone through you can go to your accounts page right away on the GV Gmail website and then under my purchased orders you’ll see a link for accessing your Windows 10 product key. If you click on View Keys slash codes you’ll be taken to this page and just click on get key and right there is where you’ll find your specific Windows 10 product.

Key for activating the software on your PC. It’s all completely instantaneous you don’t have to wait for the order to processor for them to email you back or anything like that the code is right there linked to your account ready to be used in order to use your product key and activate Windows 10 all you have to do is go into settings on your PC. And if you’ve been on an inactive version of Windows for a while you might see this link at the bottom windows isn’t activated activate Windows now and when you click on this it should take you to the proper page.

Product Key for Windows 10If you don’t see that though you’ll just need to go to system and then about and then towards the bottom of the window you’ll see a link that says change product key or upgrade your edition of Windows if you click on that it’ll take you to this final page. Where you can change the product key and paste the Windows 10 key you’ve just got from gvg mall in. When you hit activate that’s it you’re good to go you, now have a fully activated version of Windows 10 for PC. My experience using gvg mall I had literally no issues getting the proper product key and having Windows 10 activated on my computer it was fast and flawless and saved me literally over a hundred bucks which are awesome. There are a ton of third-party sites out there that claim to offer product keys for software and games, but gvg mall was basically instant and delivering the key and it worked.


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