Download QuickTime 7.7.9 For Windows 10

 Quicktime For Windows 10 Hello everyone, how to download and install QuickTime for Windows 10 device. So typically nowadays the only reason you would need to have QuickTime is if another application requires it, so in this brief tutorial, I’ll be showing guys how to download the software. So it’s going to be pretty straightforward and we’re gonna jump right into it, so the first thing we’re going to do is :

How to Download QuickTime:

  1. open up a web browser I’m gonna open up Google Chrome and I’m going to type in QuickTime.
  2. click download QuickTime for Windows you
  3. so it’s a little bit big but if you have decent internet it shouldn’t take too long to download

How to Install QuickTime:

  1. once it’s finished downloading click on it once open it up and I’m gonna minimize out of my web browser and say welcome to the QuickTime installer.Quicktime For Windows 10
  2. so next once you’ve looked through the end-user License Agreement you want to select yes.
  3. so I typically installation you didn’t keep these both checked if you want to if you select the second one and might install a couple additional Apple software like software updater.Quicktime For Windows 10

you can keep them checked if you choose to do so it doesn’t really matter necessarily and then I’m gonna select install, and this will take a couple minutes and if you receive a user account control window or two along the way you want to sort yes to both of them you. again you want to swat yes if you receive any further user account control windows. you and then I’m gonna click on finish. and then I recommend restarting a computer and you should be good to go. I hope this short tutorial can help you and thank you for visiting.


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