Remotely Collaborate Text File in Notepad++ With NppDocShare

The NppDocShare plugin can be a free Notepad ++ that allows 2 users to work together on the same pad file while sitting on 2 PCs completely different! therefore, 2 users will collaborate remotely on same Notepad++ file mistreatment this free plugin for Notepad++. Both the users can be connected to same network, or even located on internet, to collaborate on same document (this tutorial will cover specifics about users connected to same network; for internet, you’ll need to do bit of research to configure your router to allow port forwarding, UPNP, Firewall permissions, etc.). This plugin also provides chat feature within Notepad++ so that users can chat also with each other, while collaborating on the document.

This plugin lets both the users collaborate and make changes to Notepad the same ++ file in real-time. The changes done by each are highlighted in different colors, so that each user can know what changes were done by others.

Collaborate on Text File in Notepad++ With NppDocShareNote: Even though name of this plugin is NppDocShare, but it shows up in Notepad++ Plugin Manger as NppNetNote. However, after you install it, it will appear in the menu as NppDocShare. There is no clue why this confusion 🙂

How to Install NppDocShare (or NppNetNote) in Notepad++ with Plugin

You can install this plugin from the Plugin Manager in the Plugin option of Notepad++ (of course, I am assuming you already have Notepad++ installed. If not, you can get it from here). It is listed in the available section as NppNetNote (not as Npp DocShare). Select the checkbox next to it, and click on the Install button to install this plugin. See snapshot below for detail. You will need to install this on both PCs that you want to collaborate on

Remotely Collaborate Text File in Notepad++ With NppDocShare


Ways o Remotely Collaborate on Text Files Using This Notepad++

After installing it, the plugin will be listed as NppDocShare (not as NppNetNote) in the plugin option. You can access it to Plugins -> NppDocShare -> Show Dialog. When you open it, it will open a sidebar on the right side of Notepad ++.

Collaborate on Text File in Notepad++ With NppDocShareNow, you need to designate one computer as server and other as client for this to work. Don’t worry, that’s pretty easy.

Collaborate on Text File in Notepad++ With NppDocShare

Setup First Computer as Server:

On the computer that you want to setup as a server, click on the “Serve” button on the right side (see the picture above, on the left side). Soon it will display the status as “Listening”. Ignore addresses etc. that appear in the sidebar for PC Server. which is not needed. Now, you need to find IP address of your PC and share it with other person who would like to collaborate with you. You can find IP address by using IPConfig command. All done on server PC. Let’s move to the client PC now.

Setting the Second Computer as Client:

On the second computer too, start Notepad ++ and start this plugin. In the sidebar on right side, put the server IP Address in the address field and then click on the connect button. See snapshot below for details and you visit too Add Spell Check

Note: When both computers are on same network, you can leave the port number as 20081, which will be there by default.

Once connected, the status on both the computer will be “Connected”. Now both computers can collaborate on the same text file :). The text file on which the server user is currently working will open up in the client user’s computer after connection is established. When starting to work on this file, Text entered by the server user will be marked with Blue color and text entered by the client user will be marked with Green color (as you can see in first screenshot of this tutorial). Files can be stored properly by users on a computer while working. Every change made to a file by one user will be reflected on a PC from another user in real-time.

Note: Closing the text file correctly the user will decide. Also, if you need to work on another file, you need to close the connection, open that file, and then connect again.

The text messaging feature lets you to chat while working. The transferred messages are displayed in the messages section. This feature is useful when collaborating in this text editor.

Collaborate on Text File in Notepad++ With NppDocShare

Other Key Feature Of This Collaboration Text Editing Plugin

  • It is simple, fast, and reliable.
  • Easy to install, already available in the available plugin section of the plugin manager.
  • You can also use it to quickly copy a text file from one computer to the other.
  • Completely free.

Other useful Notepad++ plugins Emmet and Customize Toolbar.


Npp DocShare is a nice plugin for Notepad++. This can be very useful when two people want to collaborate on the same file. This plugin turns out Notepad ++ into a collaborative text editor. You can download this plugin from the Notepad ++ Plugin manager, or externally from here.


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