How to Remove Line Breaks with Notepad++

Notepad++ is a tremendous text and ASCII text file editor makes written material text a lot of easier. and plenty of options makes the repetitive task done among seconds with macros, extended realize and replace, and alternative straightforward one-click choices. Here is that the trick take away remove line breaks from a document in Notepad++ with the realize and Replace possibility.

Remove Line Breaks with Notepad++


Here are the steps.

  • first, add or open your text to Notepad++.
  • After that press “Ctrl + H” to open the realization window and Replace the window.
  • choose the “Extended” possibility on the “Search Mode” on the all-time low left of the window.
  • On the “Find What” textbox add “\r ” which suggests printing operation in c programming.
  • On the “Replace With” add an area or a comma(,) to form the output clearer.

Get your work done quickly with this feature on your large text files or documents and visit to New Line Character thank you hopefully useful.


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