How to Get Remove Spaces Words in Notepad++

I will show you how you can remove word spaces in Notepad plus plus, so if you don’t have notepad plus plus in your installed. You can use the link in the description below to download and install it is free software.

Get Remove spaces between words in Notepad

So let me copy some text from Wikipedia and paste it in notepad plus plus let the text lab use world rap. Here I have all the text now I’m going to give a space between the words for our demo, so I’m giving four five spaces, here again, I’m given four five spaces.

Now after which I’m giving spaces after search engine okay Google was giving me spaces. I think that is sufficient further demo now I am going to press Ctrl H it will bring up the pop-up father replace. So in the fine wad field, we need to type backslash s plus you will find the backslash key above the enter key make sure you use the lowercases and in such a mode select regular expressions by default it is normal, so you need to choose regular expressions.

Remove Spaces Words in Notepad++Now if you click on find next button it will take you to all the spaces let me show it to you, so let me start from the move the cursor to the start of the paragraph. Now if I click on find next all the species are being selected it doesn’t matter how many spaces I’ve given. Now in the place with the field I need to place give a space again I go to the start of the paragraph and click on click on find next.

It will find this space and if I click on a place it will replace with single space. So here I have more than one space if I click on replace this will change to one space. As you can see here an American now if I click on replace all it will place all the spaces present in the document with the with a single space.

Remove Spaces Words in Notepad++So as you can see it is now having singular space, so this is how you can remove the extra spaces between words thanks for watching.


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