How to Reset Notepad to Default Settings on Windows 10

The humble, however terribly helpful Notepad could be an integral basic text editor enclosed within the Windows package, that is additionally accustomed save sure file formats like register files, NFO, Script files, DIZ files, Batch files, etc. As long as the amount of your time, we often adjust the settings to meet our needs. We would modification its default font, its vogue and size, the window position, word wrap, and standing bar settings, etc. Whereas you’ll revert everyone back, if you wish to reset all Notepad settings to default values, then this post shows you How to Reset Notepad to Default Settings on Windows 10.

Reset Notepad to default settings on Windows

The default font in the Notepad in Windows ten is Consolas with Regular vogue, and font size eleven. Word Wrap and standing Bar square measure disabled. To reset all Notepad settings, from the WinX Menu, open Run box, kind regedit and hit Enter to open the register Editor.

But before you start, you will wish to make a system restore purpose and/or backup your registry.

Next, navigate to the subsequent key:


Now in it’s own left pane, right-click on a Notepad and choose Delete.

Reset Notepad to Default Settings


This will delete all the saved settings of a Notepad, that you just will see within the right pane.

After doing this in your download notepad of paper reset to default settings.


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