How to run Python Programs in Notepad++

How to use notepad plus plus to develop Python problems here we have an example of run Python in Notepad file by red right clicking and choosing edit with notepad plus plus we get this file open in notepad plus plus. So to run it we can press f5 but at this point notepad plus plus does not know how to run our file.

Method Run Python program in the Notepad++

run Python in NotepadWe need to tell to use the python console so go to your Python shift folder right click copy click Python out as a path and paste in this separate dialog. We need to tell Python out to run the currently opened python file to do this we can press space and then paste this if we paste this Notepad plus plus will automatically enter the full path of the file we are currently editing in our case it’s dot pi test and that python way can be run. So by pressing space and pasting this, we can now press run the blinking thing think that you saw is our program being run the reason it disappears is that python interpreter considers the job done as soon as it finishes our commands.

How to run Python in Notepad++So we need to add something at the end of our problem to keep Python interpreter busy that can be simple input statement this way when python finishes executing our commands in this case that’s only one statement then it will wait for one final input between before it exists, so now we press CTRL-S to save our file then press f5 to get our run dialog with already inputted commands then press run to open the window. Here we see our message this is something and then python interpreter waits for one final input before it closes the window by pressing enter we close the window if you use this running quite a lot, this might not be the most convenient way to do it.run Python in NotepadSo press f5 press save then for the name you can put something like run Python and then you can select the hotkey for running, for example, it can be controlled at 5 after that we can press ok close this dialog and then after that if you wanna run our program we can press control f5 and then we get our program run.


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