How to Set Notepad++ as Default Editor in Windows 10

Today we will talk about setting the default notepad editor in Windows 10. First things first you’re going to want to download it from notepad plus org the website should look like this the web address should be in the description down. We’re going to go to download and here we are going to click the download button now I already have it installed. So we will skip this step but the download and installation process must be generic enough.

Step by step set Notepad as the default editor of Windows 10!

  • We’re going to go ahead and go to start now first things first we’re going to type in the word default okay.
  • As you can see at the top we have default programs that’s what we want to choose.
  • What we’re going to want to do is associate a file type with a protocol or a program once this is populated we can move forward all right as you can see.

Set Notepad++ as Default Editor in Windows

  • Here you’ve got many different file types there are a few that we are interested in going down we are interested in dot txt.
  • Now as you can see this is set to go to notepad we can double click this and then browse for a new program to open it with now by default notepad plus installing in two different locations.
  • If you have a 64-bit operating system you’ll need to go to Program Files x86 if you have a 32-bit operating system just Program Files we will go to notepad plus double click that folder and choose that executable all right there we go and we will hit OK.
  • This will refresh and as you can see dot txt files will now open in notepad plus if you’re using FileZilla for keeping up with your Minecraft server one thing that you can do is open up FileZilla you do not need to connect to your server to do this and scroll down in the settings menu and go to file editing.Set Notepadas Default Editor Windows 10
  • You can choose to use a custom editor now the process here is the same we would go to see Program Files x86 for a 64-bit system or if you have 32-bit windows.
  • Would simply go to the Program Files directory and go to notepad plus and choose the notepad plus executable and select that and hit OK.Set Notepadas Default Editor Windows 10

When you go to open a text document and edit it will open in notepad plus plus.


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