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shareit download for windows 7 8 10 pc or  phone Share It For Windows To Help You Transfer Your Apps Easily

Share it for Windows, is it possible? Share it is the most necessary app used to transfer your apps, videos, music and other files easily and quickly. Many people relies this app for many goals but overall from many transferring tools, share it is prioritized.  Share it is trusted as cross- platform tools that have the friendly- user interface so it is easy to use by anyone. Share all kinds of files wherever and whenever you want. Even though the speed is 200 X than a general Bluetooth speed. No internet access needed, no USB and without data usage, so simple isn’t it!. After the developer published it via Android and iOS platform, now Share it for Windows is available for you, it supports for Windows 10 and or longer OS.

Share It For Windows – Features And Excellences

To get share it for windows you can also visit its officially site at shareit.lenovo.com.  The features and functions aren’t far different than at Android and iOS platform even the way to use is the same. Some features available i.e.

  1. Unlimited internet usages (this features allows you not to connect your device to internet even no data usage)
  2. Speed up to 200 X faster than general Bluetooth v2. Approximately 20 M/s or more.
  3. Cross-platform, no matter what’s the type of your device and OS, this app is easily used anywhere and anytime.
  4. Share to whoever and with whatever file formats including video, music, apps, photos etc.
  5. Easy to use. This app allows you to choose whoever friends you want to include inside to accept your file transferring. To use it, just choose which one is a sender, click and connect to friends so the transferring data will being progress.
  6. All files and data can be transferred easily include a personal data i.e. phonebooks, MMS, video, SMS files, apps just with a simply click.
  7. The quality is same and no corrupt. If the transferring file is failed, don’t worry, automatically this app will detect the failure and you can repeat the process again without having corrupted files.

Run Share It For Windows.EXE

To run Share it for Windows . exe,  you can also visit its officially site and download this app with extension .exe. You can directly download and run it, follow each instruction by clicking Ok/ Yes and Agree with Term of rules. Be sure using WiFi network because the size might exceed than you think before. To use it, it is very easy. There will be two buttons, Send and Receive. To send your own files to others, click send vice versa if you want to accept the files, click button ‘Receive’. After the both device is connected, wait at a moment and the file is successfully transmitted.

Via Bluestack Installation

If the first way is failed, you can also use a bluestacks. It is an Android emulator to help you in installing apk file, in this term is Share It. Apk. Just simply install this emulator to your Windows. Once it is finished, directly search the file in the file manager inside the emulator. Install it like using a general Android Smartphone. We hope information about Share it for Windows may inspire you all.


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