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Download Snapchat For Windows – Trick And Tips

Snapchat is the most familiar application many internet users know. It is a photo messenger app developed by Evam Spiengel, Reggie Brown and Bobby Murphy when they were still studying at Stanford University. Even Snapchat for Windows now is available after previously available for iPhone and Android users. This app allows you to take pictures, record videos, add paints and texts beautifully and simply. Videos, pictures and other contents are called as “Snaps”. Based on rumor, Snapchat have permission to distribute their apps only at Android and iOS platforms, while Microsoft platforms disable it.  Snapchat for Windows ever was banned by Microsoft through its store but surprisingly it was back in late 2014.

Snapchat for Windows Controversy

Talking about a controversy means endlessly.  Based on its history Snapchat even removed Rudy Huyn’s 6Snap app that is considered as the best third party app to compliment the Windows Phone service and so does Rudy’s 6discover. In the other hand,  Windows Phone precisely compliment to Snapchat’s Discover feature and they regarded it is more valuable. He struggles for his case to win this clutter but unlucky the failure should be accepted by Rudy.  Only one reason he said related with 6snap removals is that it just affects single digit percentage but in fact it influences at most. Year by year Snapchat for Windows faced a crucial problems, ranging from October 2014, when  at least 200,000 Snapchat accounts were accessed  because of a security breach, which is known “Snappening” leading to private videos and photos being published online which have bigger risk for pornography and misuse. In spite it all, in fact Snapchat for Windows is still exist for Window Smartphone but it isn’t officially available on Windows store, consequently you can download it through any unofficially webs.

How To Install Snapchat for Windows  Using Bluestacks

Alternatively if Snapchat is failed to install on your Windows PC. Installing Snapchat for Windows can be done using bluestacks.  It is an Android emulated used to run any apps that actually can’t be run at your Windows PC. Download and install Bluestacks from this URL, once it is successfully installed on your windows pc, download snapchat apk from the playstore inside the bluestacks screen Then access through this emulator to look for the place where you put your apk file. Install like being on the android Smartphone. As we have mentioned above, Snapchat for windows using bluestacks is alternative solution to do, not prioritized if the main way is possible to do.


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