Download Snapseed for Windows (10/8/7) or PC/Mac

I’m going to show you how to run the mobile photo editing app Snapseed for Windows 10/8/7  or PC/Mac OS computer okay. So the first thing you want to do is go to bluestacks.com and download BlueStacks what BlueStacks is essentially is Android emulator running on your computer. Snapseed for Windows 10 once I have it downloaded go ahead your install. It now before you can actually use it you’ll have to log in with the Gmail account Android users will be used to this, but if you’re a Mac user and you don’t have a Gmail account then you’ll have to sign up for one.

  • After you have it installed and you have it running you want to go ahead if it’s not already on Epson or and click on AppDownload Snapseed for Windows (10/8/7) or PC/Mac
  • Center next up in the search bar just tap type in Snapseed and as you can see snap C pops right up.
  • Now for you, it’ll go ahead and actually install but I already have installed so I’ll just go ahead and open it and as you can see I have snap C one my desktop computer.
  • And just like the mobile app, you have all the presets and you have all the editing tools.
  • So we’ll just go ahead and pick black and white just so you can see.
  • Just like with the mobile app you have all of the features.

So for you guys who like Snapseed, but would rather have the desktop experience here’s the easy way to get Snapseed running on your Windows or Mac computer.


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