How to use Syntax Highlighting in Notepad++

How to use Syntax highlighting in Notepad is used by many text editors to help you distinguish things like comments or other parts of the code for example reserved keywords if in MATLAB I do for you know. I in CI equals 1 to 10 then syntax highlights the numbers as well as the keyword. Such as for one of the things that we have in AP monitor is a modeling language and we have syntax highlighting and available for that by default that is not loaded in programs like notepad plus plus G edit and Adam.

Notepad++ The Way Method Custom Syntax Highlighting

Syntax Highlighting in NotepadBut I’ll show you the way to add syntax highlighting for those just go to AP monitor syntax highlighting. If you do a Google search on that the first link that will come up is this one that will show you how to add those language definitions for Adam G edit and notepad plus plus will do it for notepad plus plus and there are some detailed instructions.Syntax Highlighting in NotepadHere on how to add that and how to import those you know, I’ll just walk through that with you for notepad plus plus. So it’s a free freely available package notepad editor and we have you know if you download this APM syntax to your desktop or some other place that you can find now you’ll notice that you know we don’t have. We have this AP monitor dot XML document right here and I’ll just go and copy that out of the zipped archive you can delete this one or you can just extract it.

Here is our language definition okay and I’ll go ahead and edit that you can see this is already predefined and it’ll show you some of the keywords and other things that will syntax highlight okSyntax Highlighting in NotepadI’ll close that and then what I’ll do is come into I can come into language and then if you select define your language you’ll see that you can import a definition and I’ll just come to desktop and import the AP monitored XML file. It says import is successful and then when I exit out of here I’ll go to language and then I can select user-defined or if when I open this back up again let me go back to that if I double click.

You can look for more apps and have it automatically use something like notepad plus plus to open these files you may have to go to look for another app on this PC and then go to notepad plus plus and notepad plus plus here the executable you’ll see that when I’ve opened it now I see that it has syntax highlighting.

Syntax Highlighting in Notepad++And you can also change that you know to change your user-defined language and in this case, you have things like the variable section is highlighted within variables I have a minimization of an objective function you can see that’s highlighted as well and it helps you-you know to see the keywords and other things that guide the model development

so that’s it for syntax highlighting there’s also as shown here there’s also Adam or G edit there are other languages that you’d like supported as well please let us know or if you have a language definition file you’d like to contribute please do that Thanks


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