Why isn’t cortana in my region or language?

You are live in the region or country in the list that supported by Cortana, but somehow Cortana can not be used in your Windows 10, and then you wondering Why Cortana is not in my region or language?

Cortana is a personal assistant in Windows 10, you can ask almost anything to Cortana, organize your schedule, check the weather, check the flight schedule, asking direction, etc. Cortana becomes one of the main features that make peoples wants to upgrade to Windows 10.

It would be very disappointing if after upgrading to Windows 10 then you find out that Cortana is not available in your region or language. As we know, for now Cortana only supports for some regions and languages. What if you already live in the region and speak the language that supported by Cortana, but it is still not available in your Windows 10? what happened and how to fix it?

Why isnt Cortana in my region or language and how to enable it

Why isn’t Cortana in my region or language and how to enable it?

Cortana does not support all regions and language in the world, currently there are only 11 regions and languages, make sure your region and language is on the following list:

Australia: English
Canada: English
China: Chinese (Simplified)
France: French
Germany: German
India: English
Italy: Italian
Japan: Japanese
Spain: Spanish
United Kingdom: English
United States: English

If your region and language is one of them, but Cortana still not available, here is the answers from the forum moderator at Microsoft Community answered questions from Windows 10 users who can not use Cortana when located in the region and language that supported Cortana.

Update (8/5/15) – A fix was released as part of KB3081424, Cumulative Update for Windows 10: August 5, 2015, for a problem Cortana was experiencing when installing language packs.  Please make sure you’ve installed the latest Windows Updates before trying these steps.

Cortana is currently only supported if your system is in one of the 7 configurations shown in the table below.

(Update: 11/12/15 – After you have installed the Windows 10 November update, Cortana will also be supported in Canada, India, Australia, and Japan.  The table below has been updated to show the 11 configurations that are now supported.)

Please make sure your Country or Region, Language, and Speech Language settings are all aligned with one of Cortana’s supported locale configurations. If these OS settings are not aligned, Cortana will not be available. For example, Cortana will not be available if your country is set to United States, but the Windows display language is set to English (United Kingdom).

So we suggest you to update your Windows 10 to the latest build, then make sure to set the region and language correctly, because you may need to download additional packages.

If you are still having trouble with Cortana Windows 10 or your Cortana still not available in your region or language, please let us know.


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