Windows Defender For Windows 10

Windows Defender For Windows 10Windows Defender For Windows 10 Secures Your PC/Tablet

Is it necessary to use Windows Defender for Windows 10? Yes, it is the software that protects your PC and Tablets after all, created solely for Windows 10. Thanks to Windows Defender, Windows 10 is safer and secure. Windows Defender for Windows 10 is anti-virus software and serves as default malwares as well. However, does Windows Defender is enough to protect Windows 10? It is claimed to be enough for users that use it only for regular internet surfing since Windows Defender only offers baseline protection. Nevertheless, Windows Defender for Windows 10 comes in handy so, I suggest you to activate it!

Windows Defender For Windows 10 – How To Use

  1. When you first activate Windows 10, Windows Defender is on automatically and will scan dangerous contents. However, it will turn off by itself when you install another antivirus app.
  2. If you want to scan specific files or folders, select them and click right to choose Scan with Windows Defender. If Windows Defender finds something odd, it will gives you notification in the app and instruct you on how to keep the PC safe.
  3. Windows Defender for Windows 10 uses real time protection, so if you wish to turn it off, select the start button, and choose settings > update & security > windows defender.

Windows Defender For Windows 10 – How To Run

Windows Defender for Windows 10 is already built-in with Windows 10 and as said above, turns on automatically. Therefore, you don’t need to go for the trouble of downloading and installing it.

Windows Defender For Windows 10 – Advantages & Benefits

  1. Automatic Scans and Update – we don’t need to scan it manually, and it runs in the background. It will notify you when it detects dangerous threats. It lessen the works for us, really.
  2. It’s free – unlike other antivirus software, it requires no fee.
  3. It activates automatically.
  4. Windows Defender wouldn’t bother you with ads and asks you to pay for better service.
  5. Uses fewer resources than some other antivirus which has smaller performance impact
  6. Windows defender is simple, easy to use, and is user-friendly interface
  7. Blocks malware and spyware
  8. Windows Defender is the most secure out-of-the-box Microsoft has ever produced

So, those conclude all the important points of Windows Defender for Windows 10. We hope you are satisfied with the information and it helps you to understand Windows Defender better.


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