Download Xpadder for Windows 10/8/7 or PC/Laptop [Tutorial]

Today I’m going to teach you how to configure your controller setting on somebody who’s recently they call it and hope to configure your controller well it’s pretty simple I replied to it but I’m going to make.

This so that you cannot use your controller for any game.

  • first you’re gonna get a program called xpadder I already have it, so here it is you’re gonna once you have it click on this controller over here and then um something should pop up then click new.Xpadder for Windows 10
  • Now go to the image and press open and then get your picture um if you go to the website for xpadder it’s looking through the forums you’ll find one.
  • So this is my controller a black Xbox 360 controller um after that go to sticks and click a neighbor.
  • Now you’re going to do this with the left analog stick left then up and you’re going to take this and drag it up here after that going to stick to click enable and just with the right analog stick left then up now drag it over you okayDownload Xpadder for Windows 10
  • That this simple step is don’t go to d-pad click enable and follow the on-screen prompts with your handle up stick your d-pad up down left right.
  • Now take it and drag it over here after that little buttons and right when you’re going to do for this step if you’re going to click the boy.
  • Drag it over your day be to drag it over here to be why drag it over, here to Y X drag it over 2x start back right here left bumper okay right bumper over here okay.
  • So now that I have my ball ends we put the triggers and I’m gonna click naval arm now it shows an arrow, but you’re supposed to do you’re supposed to click on the left trigger.
  • Here you go now right trigger my controllers kind of messed up. So I’m just going to put over here my controller picture of me.Download Xpadder for Windows 10
  • So now that you’re done configuring click finish um it’s done don’t save my press close here it is um you can put in certain.
  • Commands for like a certain game or something that you’re using, but what you can also do is click on this wrench right here and do automatically.

So arrow use over here gloss here mouse um this can enter this is going to be tab I guess space um, so you have to click on them and then click anywhere on your keyboard to configure and if or you could click the wrench and if they have what you want then you can do that instead of having to take the time.

So um yeah this is how to configure your controller so um I forgot the name of this users account, but I hope this video has helped you. So yeah um this has been complan 7 helpers and I just taught you how to configure Xbox 360 controller an x value thanks for watching


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